Paramagnetic Rock



ORMUS and Paramagnetic Soils

by Barry Carter


In 1995 I learned about some materials which are difficult to identify using conventional methods but which appear to be essential to many biological systems.  We call these materials ORMUS or m-state elements at the suggestion of a couple of their modern discoverers.  One of these modern discoverers, a gentleman named David Hudson, has patented some of the ORMUS elements and one process for obtaining them.  Transcripts of several of Hudson's lectures on this subject are available on the web at:


When he discovered these elements, Hudson was a cotton farmer using conventional agricultural methods but his discovery promises to revolutionize agriculture and biological sciences in general.

Recently, I learned about Dr. Philip S. Callahan and his discoveries regarding paramagnetic soils.  I will briefly recapitulate some of the high spots of his discoveries.

About thirty years ago Dr. Callahan discovered that the best soils for growing things were paramagnetic.  He developed an inexpensive instrument for measuring paramagnetism in soil and tested soils extensively for this property.  He postulates that paramagnetic soils facilitate the flow of electromagnetic forces from the atmosphere to plants.  He has done many scientific demonstrations of this phenomenon.  According to Dr. Callahan, certain geometric structures can also enhance this energy flow.(1) 

Full Article: http://www.subtleenergies.com/ORMUS/tw/paramag.htm

Phil Callahan’s books are a MUST READ for farmers.

I have Known Barry for 7 years and his website is a Treasure Trove of articles on Subtle Energies, Ormus, and Paramagnetism.

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